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MyAlyth Weekly Email - 10 October 2019


My Alyth



Erev Shabbat
11 October

Our weekly Erev Shabbat activities start with our two "Den" services in their usual time slots as listed in our "Regular Activities" section.

Erev Shabbat service
(18:30-19:30) Our regular Friday night service with Rabbis Josh and Hannah.


Shabbat Morning
12 October

Shabbat Shiur: Anat Hoffman - The state of the State of Israel
(09:15-10:15) Anat Hoffman, Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center, reflects on the current state of social justice, race relations and religious pluralism in the State of Israel, and how they are affected by the current political situation.

(10:30-12:15) Our informal, participatory minyan. This week the service will be in the Beit Tefillah and is accompanied by a guitar. There will be an area for children so that parents can enjoy the opportunity to pray. Led by Rabbi Josh with Justin Wise. Includes the Bar Mitzvah of Zed Gordon.  The sermon will be given by Anat Hoffman.

Stripped Back Shacharit
(10:30) A more formal Shacharit with Rabbi Hannah. Joining the community in the Beit Tefillah for the Torah Service and sermon.

Saturday 12 October

Sukkah Building Cocktails and Canapes (For adults)
(19:00-20:30) What goes down, must go up... As the fruits and leaves fall from the trees, help us to lift them up as we booze and build together. Join us for food and fun. Please let know that you are attending so that we can cater for the correct number of people.

Sunday 13 October

Sukkah Decorating Morning (For all the family)
(10:00-12:30) Come and join our young members as we build the final touches to our beautiful sukkah. Learn how to shake a lulav, try some fruit juices and find yourself in the shelter of our ancestors. Please bring with some greenery and “long lasting” vegetables to hang in the Sukkah – these will be made into soup and stews after Sukkot.

Young Family Sukkah Build
(11:00-11:45) Join Tor and Rabbi Hannah to take part in decorating the Alyth community sukkah. Make delicious smoothies and funky fruit art, play games and sing sukkot songs. Please bring your own vegetables or tinned fruits to hang in the sukkah.

Erev Sukkot Service
(18:30-19:30) Led by our Rabbis.

Monday 14 October

Sukkot Morning Choral Service
(10:15) Led by our Rabbis and the Alyth choir. Please note the start time.

Musical Service
(10:45) A special musical service for all generations. Led by Rabbi Josh, with a Kids Corner.

Sukkot Sensory Service
(11:00) A special version of our Shabbat experience designed to stimulate your babies’ senses. Join Rabbi Hannah and Chloe in this service where you and your baby can touch, see, smell, hear and taste your way through the service to create precious memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Suitable for babies from birth to 2 years old.

Sukkot Breakout
(10:15) Celebrate Sukkot through Arts and Crafts with Sophie.

Tuesday 15 October

Film Club: Leon the Pig Farmer
(19:30) Strictly-kosher north Londoner Leon suffers an identity crisis when he discovers he is not the Jewish son of a curtain net king, but rather the offspring (via artificial insemination) of a Yorkshire pig farmer. He goes to meet that family who want to help him feel at home and try and behave a bit more like his Jewish family. Amorous (and other) complications ensue in this comedy.

Thursday 17 Month

The Youth and Education programming returns for the last week before half term on 17 October. This includes Kef Zone, ACT, ACE, Year 7 Hebrew, Pop Up AYS and Year 10 Hadracha.

Sukkot Zone
(16:00) For Primary School children. We will be making Sukkah decorations out of salt dough, Sukkot fruit kebabs to enjoy outside, sensory decorations, a yummy Sukkot tea and lots more fun and games! With Chloe and the Kef Zone team.

Friday 18 October
Shabbat Chol HaMoed Sukkot

Baby Den
(10:30-11:30) Wake up with Shoshi the Sheep to sing songs, be with friends and bop to a Shabbat beat. Our musical Baby Den, this week with Rabbi Hannah and Chloe, is designed to help your little one develop creativity, co-ordination and concentration.

Shabbat Den
(16:15-16:45) For pre-schoolers and their families with Rabbi Hannah and Chloe. Join us for songs, stories and to meet new friends at Alyth’s Shabbat Den.

28th Annual Sukkot Sleepout
(18:30) This year is our 28th Sukkot Sleepout! Come and sleep over in the Sukkah, enjoy Sukkot themed activities and join in the 10th Anniversary of the Big Bang! For school years 4-8. For more details on how to apply please contact Mike Mendoza at

Erev Shabbat Service
(18:30-19:30) Our regular Friday night service.

Saturday 19 October
Shabbat Chol HaMoed Sukkot

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation
(09:15-10:00) Celebrate nature and life through movement, song, mindfulness, and meditation. With Mika Hadar-Borthwick and Mike.

Can you Build a Sukkah on an Elephant - An Introduction to Talmud
(09:15-10:00) An introduction to the study of the formative text of Jewish life—a book of law and ideas.  With Rabbi Josh and Sophie.

Breakfast for Parents
(10:15-10:45) While the Sukkot Sleepout participants gather together, a special breakfast for parents.

Shabbat Service
(10:30-12:15) Led by Rabbi Hannah with the Alyth choir. Includes the Bar Mitzvah of Harry Palazzolo. The sermon will be given by Lynette Sunderland on the Mikveh Project.

Big Bang 10th Anniversary Service
(11:00-12:00) Alyth's musical Shabbat experience reaches its tenth birthday. Join Rabbi Josh, the Big Bang musicians and the Sukkot Sleepout participants for a special celebratory Big Bang.

Sunday 20 October

Sunday Morning Galim is on half term. We reconvene on Sunday 3 November.

Sukkot Ramble: Cassiobury Park
(10:00-15:00) A 6 mile walk through woodland and next to the Grand Union Canal near the centre of Watford. Please email to book and for the starting location.


Erev Simchat Torah (Sunday 20 October)
(18:30) A service bringing the very best of our Friday nights to Simchat Torah. Join Rabbis Josh and Hannah for a short, joyful ma’ariv service for all the family, before we dance all together.  We will begin our hakkafot (dancing with scrolls) by teaching the whole community a new dance.

Simchat Torah Morning (Monday 21 October)
Simchat Torah Breakfast
(From 09:15) Begin the day with breakfast and newspapers to celebrate the end of the High Holy Days.

Simchat Torah Morning Service
(10:15) Please note the early start time.
We wish a hearty Mazal Tov to those we honour this Simchat Torah: our Chatan Torah, Robert Weiner, and our Chatanim and Kallot B’reishit, the volunteers of the Alyth Senior Club.

And in parallel, ‘Sweet as Honey’
(10:30 - 11:15ish) A celebration of all things bees and honey, including special guest Ave Vieira and his fuzzy buzzy friends.  We will be learning about the life and importance of bees, and the threat to their future and ours, and tasting honeys at our honey bar. Go home with an eco wild-flower seed bomb to plant at home and encourage the bees that we all rely on.  A special morning in honour of the sweetness of Torah (*and, yes, we do know that the honey of Ancient Israel was date honey but this is a lot more fun!).

The community will come together for the Hakkafot.

Then after the Hakkafot, a choice of services…
1) For Young Families: Simchat Torah Den. Led by Rabbi Hannah and Chloe.
2) For Older Families: An upbeat, fun, musical service to celebrate the reading of Torah. Led by Mike.

Regular Activities

Click here for this month's Around Alyth.

Friday 11 October
- Baby Den (10:30)
- Shabbat Den (16:15)
- Ruach Erev Shabbat  (17:15)

Sunday 13 October
- Alyth Cycling Community (08:15)
- Sunday Shacharit (09:00)
- Sunday Morning Galim (10:00)

Monday 14 October
- Monday Club (19:00)

Tuesday 15 October
- Hebrew Reading from Scratch (19:00)
- Judaism the Essentials (20:00) 
- Alyth Choral Society (20:00)

Wednesday 16 October
- Soup, News and Schmooze (12:45)

Thursday 17 October
- Mellow Yoga (11:00)
- Pardes (13:00)
- Bridge (14:00)
- Kef Zone (16:00)
- ACE (17:00)
- ACT (17:00)
- Pop Up AYS (17:30)
- Year 7 Hebrew (18:15)
- Year 10 Hadracha (18:30)

Friday 18 October
- Baby Den (10:30)
- Shabbat Den (16:15)
- Ruach Erev Shabbat (17:00)

Saturday 19 October
- Choir rehearsal (09:15)

Sunday 20 October
- Sunday Shacharit (09:00)


Community News

We regret to announce the death of: 

Ruth Morris, mother of Nicky Morris.

Laurence Sattin, husband of Ursula Sattin, father of Robert and Louise Sattin.

Our thoughts are with those who mourn.


Shabbat Sermon

Click here for Dr Rabbi Deborah Kahn Harris' sermon from last Shabbat.


Alyth's Weekend Away 2020

Click here for more information about the weekend away in March 2020 and to register!



Sun, 31 May 2020 8 Sivan 5780